Sebastian Vettel;  F1;  Formula 1;  2013;  oh god leave me alone;  Japan;  
Sebastian Vettel;  F1;  Formula 1;  China;  2014;  light of my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;  
Sebastian Vettel;  F1;  Formula 1;  China;  2014;  tongue bitting;  you suck;  

Seb in B&W by Vladimir Rys.

Sebastian Vettel;  F1;  Formula 1;  Red Bull Racing;  i love vlad so much;  his pictures are amaze;  

"Vettel had arrived back in the paddock having completed his Top Gear run in the Reasonably Priced Car, and this was the moment he’d come back in to the paddock and saw Nick Heidfeld and was just talking to him about his laps and about how crap the car was! He was explaining that it was really bad oversteer and really bad understeer, but he was pretty pleased. I think he just enjoyed the whole experience and warmed to the crowd. It was good to see him laughing, he had arrived reasonably early and it is very rare to see a driver just stood around talking and when those sort of things do happen you’ve got to pounce on it.”

Mark Sutton (

Sebastian Vettel;  F1;  Formula 1;  the baby face;  oh my;  Germany;  2011;  
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